Barbie Imperial And Vlogger Anthony Leodones Meet Up

Anthony Leodones, a famous internet star with his sensational videos featuring him and his girlfriend, Jamie. While the two is ridiculously entertaining for their crazy antics in their videos which brought pure entertainment to their avid followers, it is known to everyone that Anthony has a huge crush with celebrity Barbie Imperial.

Anthony would also edit his photos of him with Barbie Imperial which crazily went viral and caught the attention of the actress.

Anthony would also blatantly express his undying devotion to Barbie and how he badly wants to meet the celebrity in person, which sometimes infuriates his girlfriend Jamie. The two really brought quite a laughter to their viewers whenever Jamie would express her anger towards his boyfriend who is madly deeply in love with Barbie Imperial.

While Barbie would also ride Anthony’s pursuits for her, the two finally meets in person after long months of communicating and commenting on each other’s post.

Many fans and followers of Anthony went ravage after seeing the recent post on his page, “This time hindi na edited” says the caption of his photo taken with the sexy celebrity Barbie.

Even his fellow internet stars who are also huge fans of Barbie Imperial did not let Anthony’s post slip on their prying eyes. Facebook streamer and content creator ChooxTV commented on Anthony’s post tagging another content creator Akosi Dogie which says “Akosi Dogie Left the Earth” (with laughing emoji)

For all we know, Akosi Dogie is also a famous internet star which happens to be a big fan of the actress as well and has an undeniably huge crush with her as well.

Anthony and Barbie continued their communication through their Facebook pages tagging each other on their posts. Barbie would teasingly call out Anthony for a “closure” after their long-awaited meetup.

Anthony would then respond that after many years of being ignored, Barbie would come out and chase after him all this time. Fans would burst into laughter reading into the thread and many are waiting on how Jamie would react on this meetup, but on a second thought, did she even know about it? We’ll see on the next vlog!

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