CongTV’s New Car Lincoln Navigator , Whats Inside His Luxurious Car

The success of CongTV’s channel is truly admirable from the humble beginnings he started with to where he is right now. Many fans of CongTV adored his humility and down-to-earth attitude despite the internet fame he has acquired. His girlfriend, Viy Cortez also shared the story to their success on her vlogs and how Cong has helped her achieve her entrepreneurial pursuits and boost her own YouTube channel as well.

On Viy’s recent vlog, she raids Cong’s newly bought car, a magnificent Lincoln Navigator which is almost the same specifications as Chevrolet. This high-tech car is a tap-down car with touchscreen features including the holographic speedometer and interior lights. The Lincoln Navigator also has an auto-parking feature which gives the driver less hassle to navigate on parking lots.

The new Lincoln Navigator also has a wireless charger which automatically charges your phone just by putting it in the case. The brakes of the car is also automatic which gives the driver a hassle-free driving experience.

Cong’s car also has a wide driver’s seat compartments which includes wet wipes, chargers, and his personal accessories readily available while driving the car.

According to Cong, the Lincoln Navigator has been his life-long dream and he certainly couldn’t believe he has it already. And for the comforts of his girlfriend, the car also has a wide space at the passenger seat with pillows for sleeping during long road trips and travels.

Cong also stated that 8 years ago, he remembers how he wanted to have a car such as this. And when his internet fame rose and YouTube channel grew, he had the perfect opportunity to buy the car when he saw it online on networking sites and car agency sites.

He gave an advice to his fans and followers that in order to achieve your goals in life is to follow the “Law of Attraction”. Attract what you desire by working hard and setting up your priorities in order to achieve what your heart have always wanted. Many would have their dreams and goals set on a general terms, but for Cong, we should learn how to aim for the specifics. Just like him 8 years ago, he knew for sure what he wanted and 8 years after, he was able to achieve it.

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