Gumiho AKA Shin Min Ah in Real Life Still Beautiful and Blooming at 36

Who wouldn’t have fallen in love to the nine-tailed fox or “Gumiho” from the Korean Drama show “My Girlfriend is Gumiho”? Many K-Drama fans testify as to how adorable the character of Miho is and also the actress who portrayed the role of the mythical creature that exists in Korean folklore.

Shin Min Ah, an actress and a model from South Korea, was made famous from her iconic role as a Gumiho, or a nine-tailed fox spirit that is known for Korean stories and legends. Shin Min Ah’s charm and cuteness made viewers fall in love both to the character and to herself as an actress. Because of the success of the K-Drama, many projects were given to Shin Min Ah including other drama series such as Arang (2012), Oh My Venus! (2015), Tomorrow With You (2017), Chief of Staff part 1 and part 2 (2019).

Even until now, Shin Min Ah’s career is flourishing not only for the series she would star on but for everyone’s information, the Korean actress is also the most in-demand model in South Korea and was the face of many product endorsements in Seoul. Because of this, many are wondering if the actress is single or not or has already settled for someone in the industry.

Truth be told, Shin Min Ah has been dating fellow Korean actor Kim Wo Bin. Kim Wo Bin is most known for the K-Drama series called “The Heirs” (2013) which he starred on along with actor and model Lee Min Ho.

But in 2017, Shin Min Ah and her boyfriend experienced a major obstacle in their relationship when Kim Wo Bin was diagnosed of a nasopharyngeal cancer. Many speculated that it is most likely that the actress would leave the relationship for good, and many was surprised indeed to her decision.

Shin Min Ah decided to stay and look after her boyfriend as it undergoes its chemotherapy and recovery program from cancer. The actress stayed with Kim Wo Bin through his dark times right after being diagnose with NPC, cancellations of his TV projects. But after 4 years of battling with NPC, the agency of Kim Wo Bin confirmed that the actor has finally recovered from his illness.

Because of this, many of Shin Min Ah’s fans adored her even more for not leaving her boyfriend despite knowing the fact that she would have to take care and serve as support for Kim Wo Bin.

But it’s not just that, both of the celebrities also contributed to their country by donating 1 Billion Won (almost a million USD) for South Korea.

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