James Harden Traded To Brooklyn Nets Via 3 Team Trade

 The Houston Rockets traded 2018 MVP James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets on a multi-team deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Indiana Pacers on which if you don’t follow basketball could be a little confusing so here’s a breakdown of the trade.

The Houston Rockets will trade their superstar on James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets and will receive Brooklyn’s forward Rodions Kurucs, Cleveland Cavaliers’ guard Dante Exum, and Indiana Pacers’ guard, a 2-time NBA All-Star on Victor Oladipo, the Rockets will also have Brooklyn’s first round draft picks for 2022, 2024, 2026, and the rights to swap their first round picks with the Nets in the draft for 2021, 2023, 2025, and 2027.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will receive Brooklyn’s solid role players on center Jarret Allen, and forward Taurean Prince. The Indiana Pacers will receive Brooklyn’s guard Caris LeVert and a 2023 second round pick from the Rockets.

It’s still too much information about what team gains who and what team loses who but all eyes seem to be on James Harden who will be joining his former teammate Kevin Durant as they played for 3 years together on Oklahoma City Thunder, reaching the 2012 NBA Finals which they lost to the Miami Heat which then was led by LeBron James. And not to mention, Kyrie Irving, who may be out at the time for “personal reasons”, still the fact remains that Harden will join Kyrie on the Nets.

Kyrie Irving is, just like LeBron and KD, a superstar, most notably an NBA champion and with Steve Nash at the helm, one of the greatest minds ever to play basketball. It surely is a terror to play against. This has to be the best offense NBA has to offer. Eastern Conference watch out, the new favorites has arrived. But was the Harden trade inevitable?

A poor start to the season may not have helped, after nine games they find themselves at 14th at the western conference standing with a 3-6 W/L record, second worst W/L record as far as the Western Conference is concerned.

Harden reportedly requested a trade during the off-season but after a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, Harden restated the request during a press conference after the game stating “We're not even close, honestly, to [the Lakers] ... and all the other elite teams out there.”

"I mean, you can tell the difference in these last two games. We're just not good enough. Chemistry, talent wise, just everything. And it was clear these last two games."

"I love this city. I literally have done everything that I can. ... It's something that I don't think can be fixed."

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