Japanese Actor From Thailand Dubbed As The Male Version Of Liza Soberano

Twins separated at birth? Maybe true! Actress Liza Soberano goes viral on Twitter after a model and Japanese actor Luke I. Plowden shares a photo of him side-by-side with the Filipino actress.

Many Filipino fans took it to Twitter to express how Luke is the male version of their idol, and fans were excited to know that their comments were noticed by the Japanese actor.

Luke uploaded recently a photo of himself side by side with Liza’s picture, and he added a caption that says:

“Hi @lizasoberano, I’ve heard from many Filipino fans that I kinda look like the male version of you, I guess I can see that.”

Checking on Luke’s twitter account, @thelukevoyage, it is undeniable that the two celebrities really look alike! The resemblance in their facial features is surreal and fans can’t help but keep talking about it.

They share the similar facial structure in every way. Luke’s nose, eyes, and even camera angles and expression simply look the same as with Liza Soberano’s.

So far, the tweet posted by Luke Plowden garnered over 29,000 likes and 5,600 retweets on the social media platform.

A page in Facebook also shared a screenshot of the tweet and uploaded it online gathering more than 300 reactions as of writing.

For those who don’t know, Luke I. Plowden or Luke Ishikawa Plowden is a Japanese-American model and actor based in Thailand. Luke grew up in the United States, and graduated State College Area High School in Pennsylvania. He earned his degree in George Washington University where he took up a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Statistics.

Luke Plowden also has a total of 52,900 followers on his Twitter account.

As of 2019, Luke Plowden is an artist for GMMTV in Thailand and is one of their most popular actors in the country. He appeared on many TV shows in Thailand such as Arm Share in 2019, Wolf (2019), and Wake Up Ladies 2: Very Complicated (2020).

He had upcoming shows in 2021 such as Oh My Boss and Mama Gogo which he will play as the main characters in the drama series very soon.


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