Jillian Ward Inspires New Song Written for Her

Known for her former roles as the cute “Trudis Liit”, Jillian Ward is now one of the most popular celebrity of her generation. Many were surprised when the  actress no long took up projects onscreen, and came back as a beautiful young lady who is equally charming and delightful to look at.

Because of her beauty, her fans and followers dubbed her as the “next Marian Rivera” or the “next Marimar” for her resemblance to the actress. Also, she became one of the fastest-growing Facebook page because of the huge leap of followers from only 300,000 followers when she first started to now with over 8 million followers in just a short period of time.

The actress also decided to be more active on her social media pages by posting updates and photos of her and her product endorsements. She also became one of the most influential  stars of her generation, that’s why any product that Jillian Ward would endorse would surely be a big hit because of her credibility. Her Facebook age also became verified for the number of followers it had.

Because of her fame and popularity, and of course, the fact that Jillian Ward has grown up to become one of the most charismatic and charming teen actresses, it inspired the song called “Pinay Girl” written by a local Pinoy singer, Techflow.

Techflow, or Ricky Neri, wrote the lyrics and composition for the song which he dedicated to the one and only Jillian Ward. Music, mix, and remastering was produced by Jason “Jrickbeats” Jala, and the official lyric video uploaded on YouTube was made by Ezekiel Caunca.

Many commended the song written by Techflow and how it really explains how someone simply adore the beauty of a famous actress such as Jillian Ward. Similar vibes to the song “Filipina Girl” and “Neneng B” which was also a dedication for the love and support to a woman in the showbiz industry.

Techflow also specifically dedicated the song for the actress, but Jillian Ward has yet to respond to the song that was written for her.

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