Koreans Reacts To Most Ideal Guy in The Philippines

Many fan girls in the Philippines go crazy over their male Korean idols from boy bands and groups such as BTS and EXO to the extent that they buy almost every gift they can afford to appease their idols and get them noticed. Truth be told, many go crazy by these groups’ almost feminine face, and it has been the ideal look in the Philippines since then.

But what exactly do Koreans think about our own male celebrities in the Philippines?

A group of Korean boys and girls took on the challenge to say what they think about the male celebrities on the list. Koreans often look after great and fair skin and a whimsical elven look. One of the stars included on the list was Daniel Padilla.

Daniel Padilla is popular enough to be around almost every commercial, magazine and billboards that the two Korean girls recognized him already. They said that he gives a “handsome Peter Pan” vibe, and they actually adore how he looks like. Even the boys mentioned that he has a really nice physique and facial features.

Next on their list was Alden Richards. Koreans complimented Alden’s charming eyes and smile. They even consider him as manly and attractively tall although some had mentioned that he doesn’t look too Filipino at all (which is true, as Alden is actually a mix of Filipino and American descent).

Coco Martin did not get away on the list as Koreans also told their insights about him. Although Coco is handsome and chunky, most of them did not find Coco attractive to the Korean standards at all.

Enrique Gil also entered their list and one of the sought after celebrities on the list. They even compared him to Cinderella’s Prince Charming. Enrique’s deep-set eyes and charming smiles captivated the Koreans the most.

Xian Lim was also a crowd favorite having the features of what could be popular to Korean audience. According to them, Xian possesses this ideal body feature and height which could really make hearts go wild in Korea.

And of course, James Reid was also on the line and most Korean girls easily noticed him as he was equally popular among teenage girls in the Philippines. Koreans describe James as being a “high-teen” guys who would model popular K-Pop clothes and style.

And among all the list, Koreans were asked whom they find most attractive and handsome of all the Filipino celebrities.

Daniel Padilla, Xian Lim, Enrique Gil, and Alden Richards topped the list from the reactor’s picks. Daniel, out of all, earned their choice to have the potential to become an idol in South Korea, and fans were never wrong about that. No wonder Daniel Padilla was called the “Teen King”, it’s just accurate and fitting for the actor.

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