Mon Confiado Kissing Scene With A Hollywood Actress Goes Viral

 Seasoned actor known for one of his famous roles in the Philippine film industry as President Emilio Aguinaldo in the historical film adaptation of “Heneral Luna” and “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral”, Mon Confiado proves himself worthy of attention in the international scene.

Recently, Mon Confiado has not been spotted in any local movie or TV shows due to the fact that his schedule has been filled up with numerous projects internationally. The Filipino actor played a role in the Korean film “The Golden Holiday” which premiered in 2017 which the actor also prepares for his next screen participation in the U.S. Hollywood film “Stateside” to which he is one of the starring roles.

 In the movie “Stateside”, the main character which was played by Mon finds love in the character played by fellow Hollywood American actress Olivia Hultgren.

Olivia Hultgren gives this really different ambiance with the character she portrayed in the movie. Not because of her beautiful face but also her charming blue eyes. She also gave a nice spin with the character that gave a wonderful chemistry with Mon Confiado’s character.

Just recently, Mon shared photos on his social media account with fellow actress Olivia, which was captioned, “The very pretty and very professional leading lady of our film “STATESIDE” šŸ‡±šŸ‡·, Hollywood Actress Olivia Hultgren.”

Also, Mon shares his new international project entitled “Turncoat” which was another American movie that premieres his amazing talent.He will be playing with Hollywood actresses such as Italian actress Annaluisa Capasa.The movie will be directed by Marcial Chavez, a Filipino-American director and indie-filmmaker.

According to Mon, the story will revolved around a mild-mannered man quietly living in Los Angeles with her Italian wife. His life changed when a man went to their place and told him about his grim past  in Manila, Philippines.

“Is this a case of mistaken identity or he has a history no one knows about? He must confront his past”, Mon states on his post.

The Filipino actor also shared exciting behind-the-scenes shots which everyone will surely look forward to seeing in the big screen once the movie comes out.

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