Koreans Reacts To Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrities

 K-Pop idols and Korean drama actors and actress became so popular in the Philippines, and of course, many considered them as the standards of beauty in the country. While Koreans have naturally beautiful skin, thanks to their country’s climate, Filipinos adapt with their beauty standards and influenced their beauty routines in almost every aspect of their life. But ever wonder how Koreans look at our own female celebrities? Would they pass the Korean standards of beauty?

Most Koreans prefer big eyes with double eyelids, fair and soft skin, and also a soft and rounded facial shape. Koreans rarely admit that they liked Western beauty standards since it focuses more on a mature, stronger makeup style, and sharper facial features. Koreans liked it better with innocent-looking faces and more natural makeup looks.

So when asked to react to Pinay celebrities on the list such as Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, Jane De Leon, Maymay Entrata, and Maine Mendoza, Koreans dig better on those with softer facial features.

While they said they were all equally beautiful, only a few of them on the list stood amongst others for the Korean reactors.

Topping the list was Kathryn Bernardo. Kathryn’s eyes and facial structure captivated the reactors and truly, Kathryn was indeed a beauty standard even in the Philippines. Many adored her cute facial shape, and most people would compliment her skin and fashion style. Anything could basically fit Kathryn Bernardo after all!

Liza Soberano, on the other hand, won the Korean choice for being the most likely to fit the standards of Korean beauty. Many even compared Liza to Nancy of Momoland as the two looked alike if not like twins.

Tying with Liza was Jane De Leon. Koreans described Liza as being more on the idol-type side, whereas Jane is more on the general Korean beauty. Jane’s look and features is soft, pure, and innocent—a common go-signal for Korean beauty standards. The two were crowd favorites for Koreans but Kathryn stood amongst all.

The other girls mentioned were also beautiful, but fitting more on the Western beauty standards. Koreans also determined based on the choices, Filipino beauty standards rely more on the beauty of the hair and the hairstyle. Filipinos according to Koreans, also prefer sharper facial features and stronger jawlines.


  1. Ilove more Liza and Cathryn Jane um... I like that's my name hahaha

  2. There were, And there are many of them to be Judged upon...And there will be Only One Winner, And the "WINNER!!" Comes from the Appearance and - "FROM HAIR TO TOE"...The General Physics or, "THE PHYSICAL PROPERTIES AND THE PHENOMENON OF A PERSON"...Where LIZA SOBERANO, HAVE GOT ALL OF THE ABOVE!!...


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