New Kapamilya Actress Expected To Be the Next Valentina

Many are speculating and eyeing Janine Gutierrez to play the role of Valentina, who is the most famous and iconic antagonist and villain to the Pinay superheroine Darna. Many are assuming that the actress would play the role since she just recently signed her contract under the ABS-CBN network.

While it came as a surprised that Janine suddenly leaped of the fence from her home network GMA 7, she decided to sign her contract under a new management despite having worked for 9 years under GMA 7 which practically served as her second home already.

But despite the sudden shift of network, fans and followers of Janine are still supportive and excited for the projects she will work on under the Kapamilya network. Although not everyone was happy about her decision due to the fact that ABS-CBN currently faces a controversy due to the alleged failure of franchise renewal and was shut down back in July 2020. Fans can’t help but worry if Janine made the right decision to change her network and sign her name away to a network with full uncertainty.

Although reports have been made that ABS-CBN will soon be given a franchise renewal and this was being pushed as a bill in the Senate. New updates have yet to be released regarding the franchise renewal

Reports also circulated that Janine’s fans need not to worry about the actress’ fate and career with ABS-CBN, because even though the network hasn’t fully became operational once again, a line-up of projects await the actress and also a schedule was already filled up waiting for the actress to participate on.

Rumors also say that the actress will be working on a drama series and she will be the leading lady, although there wasn’t enough details about the drama series set to be released soon.

Janine is also among the actress choice for the role of Valentina, an antagonist of Darna that has snakes for hair and turns anyone into stone with her gaze. Denise Laurel and Ivana Alawi were also the other ones who are being eyed to play the role of the iconic villain.

Her management has not yet confirmed if the actress will be playing the titular villain role alongside with the new Darna, Jane de Leon. If she was to be chosen to play the modern Valentina, it would be an honor and homage for her grandmother, Pilita Corrales, who played the iconic role in 1994.

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