Okay Ka Fairy Ko's Star Jinky Oda Succes After Showbiz Career

Iconic comedienne Jinky Oda shares her life after she leaves the world of showbiz behind in the Philippines. The Okay Ka, Fairy Ko? (1980) star who portrayed the quirky role of “Bale” now lives a different life outside the limelight.

Jinky Oda became known back in the 80’s due to her natural talent in making her audience burst in laughter. Being a great comedienne, her career in the showbiz industry blossomed and was considerably successful for the projects and sitcoms she participated in. She worked with fellow veteran actors and actresses in the show business like Vic Sotto, Charito Solis, and Alice Dixson.

Jinky Oda was also a beauty product endorser when she became the face of the whitening product  where her beautiful tan skin was lightened by the said beauty soap. According to her, she was surprised when the company asked her to be their product endorser, saying,

“Actually, I was surprised when they chose me. I just came home from Australia that time, I gained weight, and as usual, my skin was not as fair.”

“When they approached me regarding this product, I wasn’t convinced and did not actually believed that this product will work. But upon hearing them explain their product, I considered giving it a try.”

Aside from sitcoms and side projects, Jinky Oda also featured on movies such as Mara Clara the Movie, Una Kang Naging Akin, and Humanap Ka ng Pangit.

Jinky eventually decided to leave the showbiz industry and her career in the Philippines to migrate in California, USA. On her Instagram post, she shares her life now in the States with her family and undeniably lives a happier life outside the showbiz world.

The comedienne also chose to live a Godly lifestyle and dedicated her life in the servitude of the church. She states on her interview, “I have found a purpose in life when I joined the Victory Christian Fellowship.”

In 2005, she received her Certification of Completion from the Actors Guild of the Philippines which she gladly shared on her social media account.

As of now, Jinky works as a security officer on a multi-billion dollar American electric car company manufacturer, TESLA.

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