Proud Kasambahay, Proud Magna Cum Laude.

Another inspiring success story goes viral once again on the social media world as a helper or a maid shares his imminent achievement of goals in life. This goes to prove once again that poverty is not a problem at all in order to achieve success.

A proud student from Tuguegarao, Cagayan City, Jarel Tadio shares his story that despite the poverty experienced by his family, it did not serve as a hindrance at all to make his dreams come true for his family.

Jarel worked as a helper or a maid in order to be able to support his education and graduate college with flying colors.
On his Facebook post, Jarel proudly shares and is happily showcasing the pictures taken during his graduation ceremony and baccalaureate mass. Jarel was seen holding up a medal worn on his neck as he marches on the stage to claim his awards and his diploma which he earned hard and deserved well.

He proudly holds a placard as well saying, ““Proud Kasambahay, Proud Magna Cum Laude.”

He inspired people how poverty did not let him end his perseverance to graduate and achieve high latin honors on graduation. Poverty served as his drive to achieve his dreams and where he is right now.

He said that the only weapon he can wield is the education he can achieve, that and only that can be the sword in order to lift themselves from the poverty they are experiencing.

Jarel also states that how he dreamt of a comfortable life like any other children he knew when he was young, but poverty prohibited him in enjoying that kind of lifestyle. But it didn’t kill Jarel’s fighting spirit to achieve the goals he had set for his life.

He worked as a maid or a helper in order to support his studies. Working and studying at the same time was difficult and Jarel did not deny it. It is hard to be a working student.

But in God’s grace and support he got from his parents, and this strong driving force he had in his mind, Jarel graduated with the highest latin honors and numerous awards and medals which he deserved for all his hard work.

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