Remember the Original San Chai of Meteor Garden ? Update to Barbie Hsu

Meteor Garden is probably one of the most famous Asian dramas debuted in the Philippines following the story of four high school jocks known as F4 and a seemingly normal girl, San-Chai, who would later on be fallen in love with the leader of the jocks. Premiered back in May 5, 2003 in ABS-CBN, it instantly became a sensation among Filipino fans and became so popular in the country that the main stars of the show decided to visit the Philippines and show their love among their Pinoy fans.

The network decided to replay the series once again and no matter how many times it was played on repeat on TV, Filipino fans still adore and patronize the show leaving many wondering how is the main stars right now and how they have been doing with their careers.

Truth be told, after the show ended, the stars parted ways and ventured out on different paths in and out of the showbiz industry. Vaness Wu who played Mei Zuo is now married, and the actor who played Xi Men, Ken Chu is now also married and published his very own cookbook.

Barbie Hsu, on the other hand, who played the cute and charming girl San-Chai, also had her own family now and doing sitcoms and modelling still in Taiwan. She married a wealthy businessman, and ever since, had two loving little ones with him.

The 42-year-old actress still look as beautiful as ever. Many would also commend her timeless beauty despite having her first acting break on Meteor Garden, some would say her appearance never changed.

Many of their fans would also wonder if the F4 and San-Chai will be back onscreen to do a reunion project together. Although Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou is still active on the showbiz industry, some of their former co-stars left showbiz for good.

Barbie Hsu’s name is also making rounds in the social media world ever since it has been reported that the actress donated boxes of face masks to be distributed to the countries in need coming from Japan. Although there is much controversy around the topic, we still know that Barbie Hsu indeed has a golden heart.

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