The Green People of Woolpit

For centuries, humans have been boggled by the mysterious phenomena happening in the world which leads some to a conclusion of the existence of another world or dimension where other creatures would thrive on their own as we do on Earth. And to some extent, there has been sightings or even real-life encounters with these mysteries that surround our world.

The mystery of the “green people” of Woolpit, England has puzzled many experts and historians as to how these mysterious children would have a green skin tone.

According to some recorded accounts of the green people of Woolpit, it all started in a farmland in Woolpit in England, where farmers are doing their normal routine. Oddly enough, they stumbled upon two green persons that are found in a pit below the ground where the farmers and hunters would trap their prey to be check on the next day.

But instead of finding an animal trapped on the pit on the ground, farmers were astounded to find two persons, a younger one being the boy and an elder one being the girl. The farmers immediately called for help and rescued the two  on the pit. But to their surprise, the two had green skin instead of white or fleshy pink tone. Their clothing was also different and was made of material that they haven’t seen before. They also spoke language that no one around the town knew how to say.

So the locals then decided to take the two green people to the city. Sir Richard de Calne of Wykes adopted the two  and taught them manners on how to live here on this realm. People offered them food to eat, and water to drink but they seem to reject any kind of food offered to them.

But when they say raw green bean pods, they immediately gobbled them up and consumed it.

Later on, as years passed, the boy got very sick and died shortly after the girl was baptized. When the girl was able to learn English and adapt to their living, she narrated where they came from and described how it looked like.

She explained that they came from a land where the sun never shone and the light was like twilight. William says they called their home St Martin's Land, which seemed to be a subterranean world where everything was green. She tells that they were herding their father’s cattle when it was led astray into the pit guided by the sound of the bells. When they entered through it, they suddenly found themselves lost in this new unfamiliar world to them.

Later on, the girl was given the name “Agnes” and married a royal official named Richard Barre.

The story was often dismissed as a folklore or a legend from the locals of Woolpit in Suffolk, England, but many would claim that this story of the green people is indeed one of the many more mysteries surrounding our world.

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