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 Renaissance period and the middle ages is the times were paintings and works of art flourished in Europe. Years would be spent by Renaissance artists in working on their masterpieces which would later on be famous all over the world. During the current millennia, many enthusiasts and tourists would search the world for these works of art, and get a glimpse of it in actual for all its wonders,

One famous church painting is found in Borja, Spain entitled “Behold the Man” which is an image of Jesus Christ estimated to be painted around 1930 by a prolific painter named Elijah Martinez. Through the years, it had been quite a large attraction for most tourists who would visit the area, and their donations greatly helped the local church to which the painting is found.

However, through time, the painting started to deteriorate and lose its former glory due to its exposure to the public. But instead of calling an expert to restore the work of art, the parishioners called in a local named Cecilia Jimenez. Despite not having the background in fine arts and painting restoration, the church assigned Cecilia to restore the painting which she gladly accepted because she grew up in the local church and was very much familiar in all its corners.

Apparently, Cecilia volunteered herself to restore the painting and under weird circumstances, got the approval to restore it from the priest of the church.

After the “restoration”, the world was shocked by the outcome of Cecilia’s “work of art”.

The painting “Behold the Man” took on a whole new form. The image of Jesus Christ in the painting got disfigured and mangled beyond recognition unlike the original painting made by Elijah Martinez. But despite the fact that the world branded it as “The Worst Painting Restoration Ever”, the local church in Borja, Spain proudly displayed it inside their church. And oddly enough, it drew more and more tourists in than it previously did before—not because the painting is good, but tourists would go there for the laughs. The donations incoming to the local church was boosted due to the restoration done by Cecilia.

However, Cecilia noticed the earnings coming from the donations to church for the painting she restored, and she demanded that she’d get royalties from the earnings. She even took the matter to the court and hired her personal lawyer for the lawsuit.

Cecilia also stated that even though people are making fun of her restoration, she is proud that she has done something to make the work of Elijah Martinez known to the world which no other locals would have done but her.

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