Xian Gaza Offers A Car To A Famous Tiktok Star

“I ask nothing but friendship in return.” Xian Gaza’s name is making rounds again in the social media world after he apparently bought a car for the TikTok star he idolizes, Yuki Takahashi.

 Xian has a reputation in the past for using popular girls in the internet and celebrities alike to chase clout and promote his own line of business. But according to him, this time it’s not for the clout neither the attention, he only wanted genuine friendship from Yuki Takahashi. But fans and followers of the TikTok star were oblivious to the intentions of Xian Gaza.

On his post on his Facebook account, Xian offers a red Mitsubishi Mirage for Yuki. He proudly shares it in social media and describes it as an equivalent for a birthday cake given his current financial status right now. The car is no big deal, and he only wanted to surprise and spoil his idol with no strings attached. He states he only wanted to be his internet friend and not a boyfriend as he is no boyfriend material at all.

Xian also narrates how he has a huge crush to the TikTok star and admittedly stated that he acts like a fanboy whenever he watched Yuki on the social media app.

He also wrote that since he noticed Yuki never showed any car on her videos, he assumed that she currently doesn’t own one. So for her birthday, Xian decided to purchase her a Mirage although it was secondhand.

Xian also clarified that buying Yuki a car doesn’t mean he belittles or insults her for not having a car. He only wanted Yuki to have one which she can use as props on her TikTok videos next time.

He also claims this is no longer a publicity stunt which he used to do back then with other female celebrities and internet stars. He even brands himself as a fanboy to Yuki who only wanted to get noticed in a crowd of million followers in her TikTok account.

As of now, Yuki has not released a statement or response if she will be accepting the gift Xian offers her. The latter recently celebrated her


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