Andrea Brillantes Shows Off Her Newly Constructed Dream House

At an early age, Andrea Brillantes has shined like a diamond throughout her entire career in the showbiz industry. Andrea has started as a star, with her most famous role and big break in the industry as “Annaliza” on an afternoon TV series with the same title.

In the show Annaliza, Andrea’s character portrayed the  story of a woman and their struggles with fellow actor Zanjoe Marudo as her fictional father.

Because of the hit TV series, Andrea’s career has boomed in the industry and many opportunities and projects opened up for the young actress. She was also paired up with former PBB teen housemate, Seth Fedelin.She also participated on the hit gag TV show , Goin’ Bulilit, to which she played along with other  stars of her generation such as Nash Aguas, Sharlene San Pedro, Miles Ocampo, and many more.

Her biggest acting role was the afternoon soap opera and drama series “Kadenang Ginto” where she played the role of Margaret Bartolome or more commonly known Marga which is a remarkable antagonistic role alongside the main character Cassandra Mondragon, played by fellow teen actress Francine Diaz. Many premiered actors also played alongside Andrea Brillantes such as Dimples Romana, Beauty Gonzalez, Albert Martinez, and Adrian Alandy.

Because of her role as Marga, many fans adored Andrea’s brilliant acting skills and talent in the industry.

Her success in the showbiz industry led Andrea Brillantes to a bright future which eventually helped her achieve her goals and dreams in life at a young age.

Recently, Andrea posted on her Instagram account a throwback picture of herself drawing her dream house on a whiteboard. Flash forward years later, Andrea posted alongside her throwback picture an image of herself walking into her official dream house.

A towering three-storey building painted in orange exterior stood in front of Andrea Brillantes as she poses walking towards the front door.

Because of her hard work, the teen actress was able to build her dream house for her and her family. Many fans and followers of Andrea, or Blyth in real life, were amazed for her hard work and dedication to make her dream turn into reality.

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