Ivana Alawi Reveals May TV Personality Na Nangaway Sa Kanya

 Famous internet celebrity, YouTube vlogger and TV model and actress Ivana Alawi drops a huge revelation about her showbiz career and people who she apparently had “bad memories” with during the course of her acting career with ABS-CBN.

On her recent vlog with brother, Hashim Al-Alawi, Ivana was asked a question regarding her co-workers and other stars whom she had caught up with a misunderstanding.

Hesitant to answer at first, Ivana decided to recall her experience with this specific person in the industry who apparently yelled at her and humiliated her in front of everyone in the set.

During her filming days of the TV series “Mea Culpa: Sino Ang May Sala?” a drama-mystery series starring Ivana Alawi along with other actors and actresses such as Jodi Sta. Maria, Bela Padilla, Tony Labrusca and Kit Thompson, she recalls her unpleasant encounter with this TV host who threw a very rude behavior towards her. Ivana decided to conceal this TV host’s identity, but instead gave in the first letter of the name, “M”.

According to her accounts, Ivana and her personal assistants are inside the dressing room along with her co-stars on the taping and their personal assistants as well. While preparing for the taping, Ivana’s assistant decided to leave the room for a while as the space inside is getting crowded. Her assistant decided to sit across the other dressing rooms but near Ivana’s area.

According to her assistant, she asked nicely to the people inside the other room if she could sit for a moment. Ivana did not expect what happened next when a veteran TV host suddenly barged inside her dressing room angry and infuriated towards her.

The TV host, whose name starts with letter “M”, pointed a finger towards Ivana and began scolding the actress in front of everyone on the set: actors, actresses, staff and crew alike.

Because of this incident, Ivana Alawi called her mom crying and narrated the whole incident. According to her, she was a fan of the host as she used to see her and watch her on TV. Her mom comforted her and told her to just let it pass.

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When asked if Ivana Alawi still holds grudges or ill-will towards the host, she mentioned that she has moved on from the unpleasant experience and she has not hard feelings anymore.

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