Kim Domingo Shows Off New Look, Trends in Social Media

Netizens are digging on actress and  model Kim Domingo’s new look. The actress flaunted her new haircut which immediately caught the attention of netizens in social media.

Kim Domingo was a popular actress in GMA-7 and one of the most endearing talents of the Kapuso network. Her career in the showbiz industry started when her Dubsmash video of the song “Twerk it Like Miley” rose to prominence back in 2014. Because of this, she signed a contract with GMA network’s talent agency in 2015 and then landed on many sitcoms such as “Juan Happy Love Story”, “Alyas Robin Hood” where she played alongside actors Dingdong Dantes and Andrea Torres, and her longest running show appearance on the gag show “Bubble Gang” where she co-starred with Michael V., Wendell Ramos, Charisse Solomon, and many other  stars.

She was also known for her straight and long black hair which is often the center of attention apart from her beautiful face. Kim Domingo also posed for the men’s magazine F H M where she was featured many times on the cover page. Kim’s  image has been her trademark over the course of her showbiz career.

However, Kim admitted on her YouTube channel that she decided to ditch her old image that media has painted over her. Undeniably, her beautiful and gorgeous body has often been objectified, along with her long hair which added to her charisma and appeal for others. But she mentioned on one of her vlogs that she no longer wants to live up to this image  and wanted to focus more on getting roles without her body being used as the main course. Kim also wanted to grow more on the showbiz industry as an actress, and not as just any other  star.


Because of this, she reformed her image and now wears more baggy or loose clothing that those sexy, plunging dresses she used to wear. She also reformed her image by getting her hair cut into a short bob which framed her pretty face nicely.

Many netizens commended the look she has made for herself now. And many of her fans are also excited to see Kim Domingo back in action in one of her future projects with her home network.

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