Meet Kim Chiu’s Beautiful Flight Attendant Sister Wendolyn Chiu

Kim Chiu is one of the most admired and beautiful faces of the Kapamilya network, and true enough, one of the most popular and highly acclaimed actresses of her generation. Formerly a PBB teen housemate and big winner of the first batch of teen housemates, this Chinita Princess has truly proven her stardom and her success on the showbiz industry.

The 29-year-old actress rose to stardom after she won the reality-based TV show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition where she was pronounced as the big winner back in 2006. Ever since, Kim has a lot of projects both in TV and film where she would often play the main roles alongside with her former boyfriend, Gerald Anderson. The couple became a huge hit known as Kimerald but later on broke up after a lot of issues and allegations towards Gerald and Kim.

She also became the many faces of different products as her cute and charming features definitely appealed to teens and young adults her age. She had a career in the music industry which she produced a number of songs including her hit single “Mr. Right”.

She also won many awards in the acting industry including “Most Promising Female Star” in 2007.

Many doors opened also for different opportunities for the actress and until now, Kim Chiu has always been a staple for different roles in both TV series and movies. Because of this, she earned the promising title of “Princess of Philippine Movie and TV”.

Before stardom, Kim Chiu was a member of a family of seven. Kim was the fourth child among five siblings. They lived a fairly good life in the province of Cebu. Kim and her siblings grew up with their grandmother on the father’s side since her parents separated when they were young.

But did you know that good genes run Kim’s family? Yes, her sister Wendolyn “Twinkle” Chiu also has equally great features destined for stardom as well. But unlike Kim, Twinkle decided to take the path of life on becoming a flight attendant.

Twinkle works on the premiered Philippine Airlines and because of the nature of her job, Twinkle was able to visit many countries around the world.

On her Instagram account, Twinkle proudly shares photos and videos of herself in different countries and travel locations she has been, often flashing her beautiful body in  swimsuits.

Often compared to the beauties of Solenn Heussaff, Marian Rivera, and Christine Reyes, but we can say that Twinkle can really shine by herself like a little star on the sky.


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