Nancy Mcdonie's New Possible Love Partner in the Upcoming Soulmate Drama Series

Fans are happy that Joshua Garcia was called in for a recast of the leading man role for ‘The Soulmate Project’ to which the actor will play alongside Korean singer and dancer Nancy from the hit and famous K-Pop group Momoland.

Originally, the role was given to James Reid, who was the initial actor handpicked for the part. But under certain circumstances which remained as a puzzle for most fans who are waiting for the project to come out, James dropped the part. Many fans were shocked when the actor revealed that he will not be doing ‘The Soulmate Project’ anymore when asked by one of his followers on his Instagram livestream.

Fortunately, the project was given another chance to a worthy actor Joshua Garcia, who was regarded to be the Prince of Philippine TV due to his promising acting prowess which was often compared to premiered drama actor John Lloyd Cruz. Fans rejoiced upon hearing the news on one of Joshua’s press interview regarding his future projects for the upcoming year.

Joshua also revealed he will be doing a TV series and a movie, to which many speculated to be ‘The Soulmate Project’. He also did not much dive in to the details, but the casting director has mentioned the acting project for him but did not tell much of the storyline just yet. But according to him, he was excited to work on it very soon enough.

Many netizens also shared their comments on Joshua replacing James for the role. Fans mentioned that Joshua was a better alternative, or yet, a better choice to be teamed up with Nancy. Apparently, many pointed out that the two had better chemistry than what James and Nancy was supposed to be.

Also, many also brought up the fact that James were currently dating Nadine before they announced the breakup last year. Apparently, it could have been a contributing factor why James had to drop the role and have it given to someone else. Although there hasn’t been a lot of news lately why James was replaced by Joshua and what could be the reason why James did not push through with the said movie.


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