The Priest in Paubaya Music Video Reveals Something About The Joshlia


Trending right now is the much awaited music video of Moira Dela Torre’s another heartbreaking song “Paubaya” since it features the ex couple Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto which happens to parallel the storyline the music video portrays.

Released on the exact date of Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021, the music video has gathered much media attention for choosing the JoshLia loveteam to portray the roles on the music video, and seems legit, the lyrics somehow fit the tragic love story of the former couple.

On the last quarter of 2020, Moira released the official lyric video of her song and gathered about 3.5 million views on YouTube just three months after it was uploaded.

The official music video which was dropped on the day of Valentine’s celebration, the singer-composer has set a whole new mood for what was supposed to be a celebration of love and romance. Moira has yet to break our hearts again with this song, and choosing JoshLia added more emotional effect on the video.

It was much talked about especially the middle part of the video where Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia seem to speak their hearts out, and many assumed that this video also served as somehow, the closure to their relationship.

Turns out that the lines they threw to each other originally came from the couple themselves. The heartfelt messages they delivered towards each other came from their hearts, and the tears that they shed on the video were not acting at all.

The former couple admitted their shortcomings to each other and what has possibly gone wrong that sparked the fuse to end their relationship.The person who portrayed the role of the priest on the music video also dropped a revelation regarding the heartfelt scene of JoshLia.

According to Donald Lapez, the scene was indeed their closure and their last special moment together.

He even added that everyone was asked to go outside the church and left the two to talk their hearts and feelings out when the scene was taken. It was only Moira, the former couple, the director, and the cameramen that was allowed to be inside the church.

Apparently, the former lovers has been keeping their words to themselves and the filming of the music video was the perfect moment to finally end that chapter of their lives.

While it did not end like everyone expected, it sure brought peace to everyone and a share of heartbreak for all of Moira’s and JoshLia’s fans.

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  1. This is great! Kudos to all of you! But how i wish this two kids get back in each others arms again... As what you've said "Thank you for the memories" Please don't throw away those memories... Love is sweeter the 2nd time around!


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