Ivana Alawi Nagpanggap Na Palaboy, Hindi Niya Inasahan Ang Mga Sumunod na Pangyayari

Despite her fame and popularity in YouTube. Ivana Alawi never forgets to pay it forward for all the blessings she has received all throughout her career. With a whopping 11.6 million subscribers (and counting), Ivana doesn’t only make contents that are hilarious and made only to build her image as a public figure, but she also proves that she puts her heart on her contents by helping others in her own way.

She had made similar contents before in her channel as well, one where she celebrated her 10-million-subscribers milestone where she walked on the streets handing over meals on beggars and homeless people on the streets of Metro Manila.

Ivana also made a charitable act by providing monetary and in-kind donations during the onset of the pandemic and the victims of the Typhoon Ulysses.

Now, Ivana made another one-of-a-kind content that sparked many reactions among her viewers and her followers, where many also felt inspired to the acts of the internet star despite her overwhelming fame, wealth, and popularity in her generation.

For this social experiment, where Ivana refuses to call it as one, she decided to put on a disguise of a homeless female begging random strangers for spare coins so that she can eat or go home to her town in Baguio. And the reward? Ivana would convert it to thousands whatever amount is handed to her.

Strangers were hesitant to provide her some loose change and some even lectured her that she should go and seek for help on governmental institutions. Some were also caught driving her away or ignoring her presence at all.

A man named Jeff decided to hand her over 2 pesos, and Ivana revealed herself to him and handed 2,000 pesos to him.

Few of the remarkable strangers who gave her some help include a jeepney driver on a gasoline station who handed her 10 pesos, and to his surprise, Ivana revealed herself under the disguise and was surprised when she handed him 10,000 pesos. At first, the man was very hesitant to receive such amount but Ivana insisted that he accept it.

Among of the few strangers she approached that day was a man selling random things on his cart with two other strangers who obviously dodged Ivana’s presence upon seeing her beggar disguise. The man noticed her and handed her 10 pesos. She then told him that she was Ivana and gave him 10,000 pesos. Ivana Alawi was teary-eyed upon hearing the story of the man and his struggles in life. And despite having nothing at all, he still managed to give some coins to this beggar knowing that he himself has nothing.

Another stranger Ivana sat with was a man selling Filipino rice cakes. He handed over 20 pesos to beggar Ivana. He also offered some meryenda and coke along her meal to fend-off her supposed day-long hunger. To his surprise when Ivana handed over 20,000 pesos and even cried along with her when he thought of Ivana as a blessing from heaven.

Ivana cried and learned a very inspiring lesson in life which she shared to her viewers, leaving a quote: “Give and it will come back to you.”


  1. Ivana Hindi kalang maganda sobrang bait niyo pa po

  2. Good job po idol super bait mo habang pinapanuod ko to na touch ako Sana marami ka pang matulungan, always God bless you po ❤️

  3. Sobrang dami kung iyak...sana.marami ka pang matulungan lodi ka...idol kita sana matulungan mo din ako..kase matulungin din ako sa mga pulubi...


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