Doctor Na Anak Ni Jose Manalo, Hinagaan Ng Mga Netizen Dahil Sa Taglay nitong Ganda at Talino

Aside from being a full-time actor and comedian on the longest-running noontime TV show , Jose Manalo is known to be a responsible and devoted father to his children. Jose also was a very proud father to his children, knowing that his years of labor in the showbiz industry for many decades has now come into fruition since his children are now professionals in their own chosen fields.

The success of his children is very well-known, most did not choose  being an actor or an actress like their father. But their success is immeasurable knowing that their chosen career path is very rewarding.

One of Jose’s  daughter Myki Manalo, is now an official and licensed doctor to her own right. Myki, now 28 years old, is a proud doctor and has really gone a long way on her career.

She graduated and finished her degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology in the De La Salle University of Manila. Myki then decided to take up another course towards Medicine in the FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine.

On her Instagram, it is really noticeable that the actor’s daughter is very happy and living a healthy. Aside from that, Myki also enjoys the sport of swimming which is obvious for her slim body. She also enjoys singing, dancing, and doing occasional acting just like her father and brother Benj Manalo.

It can be recalled that Myki had a former boyfriend named Paulo back in 2012. But looking at her social media posts, there are no traces of her former lover in any of her accounts.

What Myki enjoys posting on her social media accounts is the pictures of her "anak" Myka Isabel who is now 6 months old. Myki is also very proud of her daughter and would often express on Instagram her love for her. Apart from that, Myki is also very proud and grateful for his father Jose Manalo, to which she wrote on her Instagram along with a photo:

“I remember this one time back in college when I had personal problems and I was being particularly difficult. I didn’t attend all my classes one day, even missed an exam, and you caught me. Surprisingly, you didn’t get mad. You were unusually calm. You picked me up from where I was, brought me to an ice cream place near DLSU and just remained quiet.

Eventually, I cried so hard. I couldn’t stop. You just hugged me. We stayed like that for a long while. No words were needed. You understood me. You always stood by my side. Your mere presence was enough to get me through. I yearn for it daily. I miss you, daddy. Please keep yourself healthy and happy.”

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