Anak Ni Jaya na Si Sabriya Trending Dahil Sa Husay Nito Sa Pagkanta Kagaya ng Kanyang Ina

 One of the most renowned and premiered singer in the Philippines, Jaya’s presence onstage while singing will really bring everyone off their seats and give a standing ovation for the performance. Because of her fame and success in the music industry, Jaya has been well-loved to many of her Filipino fans and will always be an icon on the Philippine music scene.

Jaya has popularized many songs such as “Wala na Bang Pag-Ibig”, “Dahil Tanging Ikaw”, “Kung Wala Na” and many more chart-topping hits of the 90’s and early 2000’s.

She also became well-known for being one of the star singers in the noontime Sunday show in GMA-7, “SOP” to which she worked along with other famous Filipino singers such as the “Asia’s Songbird” Regine Velasquez, actor-composer Ogie Alcasid, and Janno Gibbs.

Jaya, as her fans call her, are known by her closest friends, family and relatives as Maria Luisa Ramsey and was the daughter of the veteran comedienne, Elizabeth Ramsey. Both Jaya and Elizabeth were renowned singers in their own time, and with no doubt that the singing prowess runs in the blood.

Jaya also had an interesting love life stories being married to her first husband, Andrew Buffington back in 1998. However, the marriage did not last long as the two had separated in 2001.

Because of that, Jaya opened up her heart to love once again and married Garry Gotidoc on May of 2006. The couple were blessed with two wonderful children, Sabriya and Dylan.

Her eldest daughter, Sabriya, has been received quite an amount of media attention because she had the same line of talent and skills as her mother, Jaya and grandmother, Elizabeth.

Not just that, Sabriya also shares the love for music and can play a couple of musical instruments and sing along with it with her beautiful voice.

Sabriya also writes her own songs and composes her own music which truly is admirable for the young artist.

Many netizens are comparing Sabriya’s talent and beauty fit for Hollywood. Many commends her having the “Willow Smith” vibes in her for her talent in music. Some also pointed out that she can be not only a musician but also a beauty queen and a model in the industry.

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