Andrea Brillantes Celebrates 18th Birthday | Debut Party Behind The Scene

Our 18th birthday may be the most important birthdays of all time, not only because of its grandiose celebration, but it also symbolizes the coming of age especially for women.

That’s why many celebrities really take their time to make this moment very memorable for them, and would definitely throw the perfect party-of-a-lifetime. Actresses like Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, and also Liza Soberano had one of the most iconic debuts in the industry. Even high-profile people would spend a fortune to make the best party for their 18th-birthday celebrant.

Speaking of, the child star we all loved growing up watching her TV shows such as “Annaliza” and “Goin’ Bulilit”, actress Andrea Brillantes has joined in the train and soon be celebrating her debut as well.

Because of that, Andrea, or Anndrew Blythe in real life, shares the behind-the-scenes for her upcoming birthday bash.

Posted by Metro magazine, Andrea poses for the camera for this coming-of-age photoshoot. A once in a lifetime moment, the young actress nailed all the looks and dresses provided for her. Ditching her naïve, child-like image, Andrea has set off a new portrait of herself posing for various and fierce makeup styles during her pre-debut photoshoot.

The actress and her manager also chose Nice Print Photography to help setup the photoshoot for her debut. Many were amazed for the grandness of this celebration knowing that Andrea had to wear about 16 outfits for this photoshoot alone!

Seth Fedelin also made an appearance to her pre-debut photoshoot escorting Andrea and sharing a few snapshots with her.

Netizens who watched the behind-the-scenes were also overwhelmed on the number of dresses and outfits worn by the young actress, even mentioning that it didn’t look like a debut at all! In fact, with the number of outfits, it could even count as if it was a prenuptial photoshoot.

Truly magazine-worthy, Andrea Brillantes’ career has truly set her off and helped her mature in the field of acting and in life itself. One of the most promising actress of her age, Andrea’s star will surely continue to shine brighter in showbiz as she ventures out into the world and indulge into what life has to offer for her now that she is a fully-grown woman.

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