Andrea Brillantes Shines like a "Dyosa" In Her Pre Debut Teaser

 By birth of Venus, Andrea Brillantes wows her fans and followers on social media after she releases her most recent pre-debut teaser video for her upcoming birthday. Anndrew Blythe, or more commonly known for her screen name Andrea Brillantes, is turning into her legal age and many of her fans are very excited for her coming-of-age birthday party.

Previously, the actress also shared a sneak-peek on the behind the scenes of her debut pictorial where she sported more than 15 outfits including gowns and dresses designed by many of the most famous designers on the Philippine fashion scene.

Not only that, Andrea was also joined by her boyfriend Seth Fedelin on the making of her debut photoshoot. Fans were wowed by the actress and the biggest birthday event of her life. Truly a princess, Andrea was loved by many for her roles as a child actress in her hit TV series “Annaliza”. One of the most talked about TV shows starred by Andrea as well was “Kadenang Ginto” where she played the role of the most dreaded young antagonist, Margaret Mondragon-Bartolome.

On her most recent teaser video for her upcoming 18th birthday, Andrea was joined by her team of filmmakers and writers to put up the amazing concept video for the actress. Inspired by the famous renaissance painting by the artist Sandro Botticelli, entitled “The Birth of Venus” which showcases the creation of the goddess Venus springing out from the sea  like a pearl inside a huge seashell.

The iconic painting inspired Andrea’s 18th birthday video and truly, it was fitting for the actress’ coming-of-age. Andrea also recited words of poetry written by Charis Ed which fits her goddess-vibe entirely.

Video was also directed by It Lab Studios and set design was put up by Ad Set Prod. Andrea’s overall ethereal look inspired by the goddess Venus herself, styled by Eldz Mejia and makeup artist Marben Talanay.

Many fans who supported the actress all throughout her career in the industry commented their love for Andrea Brillantes. Despite the many controversies and issues encountered by Andrea at a very young age, she blossomed out strong and resilient in her career as she builds her dreams and future in her hands at the age of 18

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