Ate Glow, Tahimik at Masaya Na ang Buhay Ngayon Labas Sa Showbiz

 Many celebrities who are on their peak of showbiz career back in their time often leaves and disappears from the limelight to live a rather quiet and private life outside the busy world of showbiz. Celebrities who did so, would thrive on many different paths away from the life they’ve known while in showbiz, and many became successful and happier in their life choices upon leaving show business.

laughter and joy welcomed former comedian “Ate Glow” after leaving the showbiz industry. Ate Glow, who was well-known for impersonating and portraying a rather comical and comedic parody of the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, is now living a wonderful life in the United Kingdom.

Ate Glow, known as Rene Boy Facunla , has appeared on many TV shows back in early 2000s and had a successful career as a comedian. He also worked with many premiered actors and actresses in the industry, and many are still working on the cameras.

The comedian chose to live as a stand-up comedian and her stints on Philippine TV, trading it for a life outside the Philippines. Ate Glow indeed found her one true love in UK.

The former comedian married her British husband whom she met online. The two met on a dating application and soon married happily and now lived together.

 Based on reports, her husband has been very open regarding ate glowr, and for him, it didn’t really matter whether Ate Glow is a transgender woman. He loved Ate Glow as she is, and in fact, he was the first one to introduce the former comedian to his British parents.

According to her husband, being a transgender didn’t really matter. What matters is the love you feel and the emotions you have towards the person. In 2016, the couple decided to tie the knot and Ate Glow now lives happily with her husband in the United Kingdom.

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