Gary Estrada, Bernadeth Allyson Proud Parents to Their 3 Beautiful Daugthers

We have known many celebrity couples who are equally attractive and possess great looks which when combined, would make their children true winners of the genetic lottery. And truth be told, many children of stars really possess good looks like their parents but some choose to keep their live private and away from the busy world of showbiz. However, there are others who decide to step into the spotlight and join the world same as their moms and dads.

Just like this celebrity couple, Gary Estrada and Bernadette Allyson, has been blessed with four beautiful angels namely Kiko, Garielle Bernice, Gianna Bettina, and Gabbi Beatrice.

On a show called “Sarap Diva” hosted by the Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez, one of Gary and Bernadette’s daughters was invited to be a guest on the morning talk show. Garielle Bernice graced the show and decided to talk more about herself so that viewers may get to know her more on a personal level, apart from being just known as the daughter of an actor and an actress.

Garielle, or more commonly known by her nickname as “Icee”, got the looks of a mix of her mother and father’s features. Icee also showed the viewers how she handles a baseball bat to which she uses to play baseball with and many other sports. According to her, she was more of a “daddy’s girl” and much closer to her father, Gary Estrada. She also narrates that she and her father would go out and play sports together.



Netizens also noticed that Icee got most of her looks and qualities from her father. Because of this, Gary left a message that was posted on his Instagram account for his lovely daughter:
“Garielle, I still remember the day you were born. I told myself whatever it takes to be a good father, I’ll do it. Garielle! Papa is getting scared now. ‘Cause you’re growing fast, so fast. Icee, always remember that Mommy and Papa will always love you.”

Netizens also left their comments complimenting Icee’s good looks and pointing out the good features of her face, most especially their eyebrows and face shape which apparently was taken from Bernadette’s fine looks

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