Ivana Alawi Nahanap Na si Tatay Na Tumulong Sa Kanya

Despite her fame, wealth, and popularity in the industry, Ivana Alawi never forgets to give back to people even though she was complete strangers to them. In fact, with her growing audience in her YouTube channel with a whopping 11 million subscribers and counting, Ivana has never failed to show how she imparts the blessings she receives in her life.

On her most recent vlog on her channel, Ivana disguised herself as a beggar on the streets asking for help on random strangers. If the stranger she approaches handed money to her, she would transform the amount into thousands. Not a lot of people lent her help while disguised as a beggar, but there are few remarkable individuals who left an inspiring story for Ivana.

One of them is Joselito Martinez. “Tatay Joselito” as Ivana refers him to, has left a mark on the actress-YouTuber simply because of his heartfelt story of his life and the struggles he encounter here in the city. Joselito is a vendor of kutsinta (a Filipino rice-cake delicacy), and he would take his items from a supplier and sell them on the streets from sunrise to sunset, rain or shine.

Apart from that, Joselito also lives in the city with his family in the province waiting for the money he would remit from his earnings selling kutsinta. He currently lives in a small house with one of his children with him, who works in a mall.

The kutsinta vendor turns out to have the purest of the hearts among all of Ivana’s subjects in her vlog. Not only did he hand out 20 pesos for her, but Joselito also gave her some of his kutsinta for Ivana to eat, and also offered to buy her something to drink be it coke or a bottle of water.

Because of his kind heart, Ivana was touched and handed him 20,000 pesos as part of her YouTube social experiment.

And not just that! Ivana was recently spotted on a supermarket along with Tatay Joselito shopping for home applianes. Because of the mark he left on Ivana, she offered to buy him appliances and other house needs he doesn’t have in his home.

Truly that a kind a heart bears the sweetest fruits. Blessings shower down on those who know to share them to others. And with no doubt, Ivana’s success in the future is certain because of the acts of kindness and sincerity to help others is present in her heart as always.


  1. Ang bait mo ivana God bless you more..

  2. Ang bait mo ivana God bless you more

  3. Sobrang bait nya maganda na mabait pa. Sana maka tagpo ka ng lalaki na mamahalin ka ng totoo. Salamat dahil marami kang tinulungan lage akung na nunu'od ng vlog mo.

  4. your one in a million ivana .. iba ca talaga❤


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