Ivana Alawi Proud na Ibinunyag Na Ang FIrst Job niya Ay Waitress sa Bahrain

Before all the fame and success on the entertainment industry, Ivana Alawi recounts her experience for her first job in Bahrain was too far from what she has attained in her career nowadays.

Ivana’s name has been making rounds in social media recently because of her inspiring vlog content on her YouTube channel where she helped a couple of strangers who showed sympathy towards her while disguised as a beggar. While the video has sparked mixed reaction and controversy, many still adore the young celebrity for having a kind heart towards others.

Her eye-catching beauty won the hearts of many of her Filipino fans that’s why her career in YouTube has really bloomed and grew to over 11 million subscribers with views that also reach the same number.

The social media superstar really has proven her mark in the industry, but not a lot of people knew that her first job was very far from the Ivana Alawi that we know of her now.

Ivana recalls her first job in Bahrain as a waitress. Having her childhood spent in Bahrain most of her life, the social media star grew up in the country and had studied and worked there for the first time. Ivana revealed her first job in her brother’s YouTube vlog called “Who Knows Me Better” along with their youngest sister Mona Alawi.

She reveals that both she and Hash worked in a restaurant as a waiter and a waitress. They also mentioned that they used to clean and wipe tables for customers in Bahrain in a restaurant owned by their father. Their Moroccan father Samier Al-Alawi has owned many business establishments and was later on handed over to Ivana Alawi.

Ivana also added that their father hired them so that they could earn their own money.

“Eh pareho kameng waiter, waitress ako… ako taga punas dun, kasi dati sa Bahrain meron kaming restaurant tapos ako yung taga punas… Si dad kasi yung may ari nung restaurant so kami yung nag ano… ginagawa niya kaming mga waiter, waitress para kumita kami ng pera parang ganun… Tas nahihiya akong kunin yung mga order nung mga tao kasi parang sosyal.” Ivana recounted.

Ivana has then began her career in the showbiz industry when she joined Starstruck, a talent search hosted by GMA-7 for aspiring young actors and actresses but was later on eliminated from the competition.

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