Ivana Alawi Reveals Her Celebrity Girl Crush

Celebrities and YouTubers dived in to this ‘Jojowain o Totropahin’ challenge with many actors, actresses, and internet personalities who would possibly have a chance with them. Surprisingly, Hashim Alawi also joined in the trend to answer Ivana’s questions as his first ever video on his own YouTube channel.

Ivana Alawi also mentioned that she convinced her brother to make a channel in YouTube since many of her subscribers and followers have been requesting to see Hashim in his own YouTube channel. So she helped Hashim set up a little and bursted out with a hilarious content on his channel. In this video Ivana Alawi revealed the name of her celebrity female crush. Watch the whole video

Ivana prepared a list of many of the most beautiful faces in the showbiz industry and asked Hashim if these women is worthy of the “Jojowain” or “Totropahin” title for him.

One on the list was Pia Wurtzbach. Hashim mentioned that her beauty was indeed for a queen, but he said that he would be more honored to have Queen P be one of his closest friends.

Kathryn Bernardo also made it on the list. Many people in social media and different videos in YouTube covered Kathryn as one of the most beautiful faces in the Philippines. Hashim didn’t deny this fact tho, but he answered that Kath is more fitting to be his friend because she already has a Daniel Padilla, and he couldn’t see the two with anyone else.

Many on the list as well became “friendzoned” by Hash, including actresses Julia Barretto, Alex Gonzaga, Anne Curtis, and even the most beautiful face of the Philippines, Liza Soberano. According to Hash, these women are equally beautiful and gorgeous in their own ways but he mentioned that he was not only looking for the physical aspect when entering a relationship, as many factors needed to be considered than just beauty.

Ivana Alawi then decided to pull off her trap card, which is the one and only Donnalyn Bartolome. And as we all know, Hashim has a huge crush to this internet celebrity and fellow YouTube content creator.

Hashim gave a remark that he will not only regard Donnalyn as “Jojowain”, but rather, he would be very much grateful if he was ever lucky to be his lawfully-wedded husband in the future!

Ivana and Mona was very much delighted and kilig to Hashim’s response, and to be honest, Hashim’s smile always pops out whenever Donnalyn is mentioned anywhere, and he can’t hide his feelings just as how he couldn’t hide his dimples whenever he smiles.

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