Ivana At Kutsinta Vendor Na Nagpaiyak Sa Kanya, Nagkita Nang Muli

Ivana Alawi seizes nationwide media attention once again after she released the latest video on her YouTube channel which sparked many positive comments from her viewers.

On the said vlog, Ivana decided to pull a prank on strangers by putting up a disguise of a beggar on the streets. Because of this, she roamed around the streets of the city looking for strangers that will help her. She also explained to her vlog that if someone hands her any amount of money while disguised as a beggar, she would multiply the amount to 1000.


With that being said, your 2 pesos can become 2,000 pesos and your 20 pesos can be 20,000. Under that condition, Ivana then began asking random strangers for spare coins just so she can “get back” to her province.

A lot of people shrugged off Ivana not knowing that she was the famous actress and YouTube vlogger. Many also avoided her presence and turned away from her, but there were few people who took the time to hand some loose change to Ivana. And of course to their surprise, their alms was supposedly converted into thousands.

One of the people whom Ivana approached was Joselito Martinez, an old man who sells kutsinta (a Filipino delicacy) on the streets from sunrise to sunset. According to him, he would vend rain or shine on the streets to support his family on the province. Joselito also mentioned that he is now living with one of his children who works in a mall here in the city.

Ivana was touched by the story of “Tatay Joselito”, and how despite his state of poverty and financial difficulty, still gave 20 pesos to her as a beggar. He even offered to buy soft drinks for her or a bottle of water along with the kutsinta he gave to Ivana.


So aside for multiplying his 20 pesos into thousands, Ivana also asked to look up for Joselito and gave more blessings to him by purchasing appliances for his home and apparently, purchasing a motorcycle for Tatay Joselito to add up for his livelihood.

Many are waiting for Ivana Alawi’s vlog regarding this news story and what comes next for a kind-hearted old man like Joselito Martinez.


  1. ikaw na talaga ivana❤️ what a precious heart

  2. God bless Ivana, ipagpatuloy mulang yan ❤️❤️


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