Liza Soberano, Ka Look Alike Daw Ang International Celebrity Na Ito

Liza Soberano’s beautiful face is undeniably one of her greatest assets in the showbiz industry. But her beauty is not only appreciated in the Philippines. In fact, many international celebrities have taken the time to notice this one-of-a-kind beauty that Liza Soberano possesses. Celebrities like Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, and many more adored Liza and many fans are surely envious of this kind of attention knowing that these international celebrities follow her on her Instagram account.

Talk about the luckiest girl in the planet! A big Sana All for all the fan girls out there. And not just that, we know for sure that Liza has the heart of one of the most handsome faces in the industry, the actor and model Enrique Gil.

Liza was also often compared to many beautiful faces in the local and international showbiz scene. She was often noticed to have look-alikes from international celebs such as Nancy from the K-POP group Momoland, and now, her beauty is compared with singer Madison Beer.

In Case You Missed It. A woman from a province of Camarines Sur was dubbed as the Liza Soberano ng Tiktok. You can check her video below

Madison Beer and Liza Soberano share a huge resemblance in their facial features starting from the shape of their faces, down to their lips. The two were almost mistaken as long-lost twin sisters due to the close similarities with the two.

Many were wondering however who Madison Beer is. In fact, Madison Beer is an American singer-songwriter whose name rose to popularity back around 2012-2013 for posting song covers on her YouTube channel.

Madison also acquired media coverage when Justin Bieber shared a link to one of her covers. In 2013, she released her debut single “Melodies”.

She worked in many songs and albums in between. One of her biggest projects being with the game company Riot Games which produced the multiplayer-online battle arena game League of Legends. Madison Beer was chosen to perform the singing voice of one of the virtual characters, Evelynn, on the virtual girl group K/DA Popstars where she performed alongside the K-Pop rapper (G)I-DLE.

She continued on to voice the character on another chart-topping hits along with Popstars, which is entitled More.

Liza and Madison share prolific success on their respective careers, and in no doubt, they truly look like sisters from another mother. Both equally successful and beautiful in their own way.

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