Non Showbiz Boyfriend ni Erich Gonzales Usap Usapan Sa Social Media

News are out now and confirmed that the Pinay actress and celebrity YouTube vlogger Erich Gonzales is now dating a multi-billionaire boyfriend. Erich has not revealed the news to the public and would always keep her mouth shut regarding her private love life, the actress apparently cannot escape the prying eyes of the showbiz insiders.

It is now confirmed that Erich is dating the billionaire businessman Mateo Lorenzo which the actress also reveals on her social media accounts. On one of her vlogs, Erich talks about her love-life and reveals how she celebrated her birthday with her rich boyfriend.

On her birthday vlog, Erich received a gift from Mateo Lorenzo enclosed on a huge black box on her background and equipped with a letter made especially for her.

Although the actress did not directly admit her relationship with the rich businessman, it has been a hot topic in social media as Erich and Mateo are often seen together in photos posted by their friends and colleagues in their social media accounts.

In 2018, Erich admits that she has a consistent and persistent suitor and the only clue she gave for her fans and followers was that it was the brother of Claudia Barretto’s boyfriend, Baste Lorenzo.

In 2019, Erich reveals that she is now officially on a relationship but she always choose to keep things low and private away from the eyes of the public. She also reasoned out that her boyfriend prefers to keep their privacy as a couple.

Since the two has been a couple for two years, Erich decided to finally let out the news and reveal her boyfriend Mateo to the public. On Mateo’s IG, many photos of Erich are also shared on his IG feed so many already confirmed the relationship of the two.

Mateo Lorenzo is a young businessman that came from the wealthy family of Lorenzos. One of the 11 children of the wealthy and successful businessman Martin Ignacio Lorenzo. His father, Martin, is the CEO and chairman of the Terriyaki Boy incorporated, one of the leading food chains in the Philippines. He is also the vice CEO of Del Monte Philippines.

The Lorenzo clan also has a real-estate business and sugar-milling business that is managed by the brothers. Mateo also shared on his social media that he is a fan of luxury cars and enjoys agriculture.

On the other hand, Erich Gonzales are now member of  the list of  several celebrities that became a vlogger. Such as Ivana Alawi, Kathryn Bernardo, Bea Alonzo and even Liza Soberano .

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