Rayver Cruz Hindi Makapaniwala Sa Ganda ng Kinalabasan Ng Kanyang House Transformation

Filipino actor and dancer Rayver Cruz proudly introduces his newly-renovated Bachelor Pad and was really surprised on how good the interior design was.

Rayver also shared this milestone on his life last December of 2020 that he was able to finally buy himself his own house. On Instagram, the actor shared the completion of his dream home, and all of what’s left is to have it redesigned according to his preferences.

Janine Gutierrez, Rayver’s current girlfriend, suggested Moss Design House interior designer Cyndi Fernandez to commission the design and furnish the actor’s domicile. Cyndi and her husband Mado Beltran were assigned to work on Rayver’s bachelor pad with a specific request from the actor, “He wants it to feel like a bachelor’s pad.”

So the goal of the designers is to make the place warm and intimate with a touch of masculinity, opting for a mid-century design inspiration that lingers more on the industrial trend.

Mr. and Mrs. B, or Cyndi and Amado Beltran shared on their social media page the entire story of renovating Rayver’s new home and how they started designing the place for his space. Through careful planning and conceptualizing, they decided to borrow mid-century design elements and centered on a dark color palette for accentuating the industrial vibes of the interior.

They named the project “Bachelor’s Game” and incorporated the requests of the actor for the overall outcome of the design and renovation.

Moss Design filled the home with an elegant hotel-like atmosphere infused with a masculine look. They also included some of Rayver’s most valued possessions and collections to add a bit of personalization to the actor’s new home.

They also replaced and repainted most of the walls inside the house from white to a cement-looking gray to compliment dark wood elements on the wall accents and shelves.

According to Cyndi, the actor decide not to have a TV on his living area since he already has an entertainment room where his guests can enjoy watching movies and playing video games.

Rayver was so surprised to the final outcome of his vision materialized on the designing team, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. B of Moss Design House on YouTube.

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