Scene ni AC Bonifacio Sa Riverdale Trending sa Social Media

It’s out now! Filipina actress AC Bonifacio proudly shares the latest episode of Riverdale on Netflix wherein she appeared to play one of the characters on the hit TV series.

AC shares a snip of the episode on the Netflix original series and is super excited to let her fans and followers see her biggest break in her entire showbiz and acting career. Playing alongside Hollywood actresses Madeleine Petsch and Vanessa Morgan, the Filipina-Canadian actress portrays the character of “Star Vixen” who is an equally iconic character from the Archie Comics wherein Riverdale was based on.

AC also revealed on an announcement on her Instagram account last January 2021 where she formally mentioned to her fans that she will be participating on the hit Netflix show. The actress even wrote, “My page 1/365 submission”.

She also commended her co-stars in the show, including Madeleine Petsch who plays the sissy-sassy role of the cheerleader “Cheryl Blossom”, another popular character from the Archie series. Vanessa Morgan was also specially mentioned who AC looks up to for the professionalism and prettiness despite being pregnant during the shooting of the show.

AC shares a clip from the official episode of the Season 5 of Riverdale where her character and Madeleine’s took on a dance showdown for the cheerleading team.

Not just that, many fans were excited to see AC on the show most especially because of the steaming hot dance moves that was seen on the preview of the new Netflix show episode.

Many fans were proud of AC’s achievement for being part of the show. Not just that, the actress was living the dream of having the opportunity to dance alongside and in front of Toni.

While Madeleine had shown great dance moves as well, AC was able to take on the center stage and drew all eyes on her for having such great skills with her moves.

Indeed this was already very far-fetched from her Your Face Sounds Familiar days and true enough, this girl is living everyone’s dream not only to be part of such popular show in Netflix, AC has really grabbed the perfect opportunity that will definitely make her grow in the field of acting.

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