Bride Nahuli ang Groom Na Nambabae Bago Ikasal, Gown Binenta Online

A bride who caught her groom with another woman is trending right now on social media after she decided to post her gown for sale on social media.

According to some sources, the wedding was postponed a lot of times and was moved on many other dates. And apparently, the family of the bride caught her supposed-to-be groom with another woman and decided to cancel the wedding once and for all.

The bride also decided to put up her wedding gown for sale, including the wedding ring and the venue where the wedding reception will be held were also put up on social media. According to her, she was selling all of it to make up for the expenses they have spent or even return at least half of the amount of what they have invested on it. Aside from that, it wouldn’t serve its purpose anymore anyway.

On a post of the bride’s friend, Junesa Ann Infante, her friend Danica Saura has been dating a man who works in the marine and the two have been together for 11 years.

Danica, the bride, and her fiancé was supposed to tie the knot on December 21, 2020 but was later on delayed to March 27, 2021 because of the Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ that was implemented on Metro Manila. It was again rescheduled on May 15, 2021 because ECQ was applied again for the second time.

Days before the much-awaited date, the groom was caught flirting with another girl on what looks like a beach getaway. To add more insult to injury, it was proven that the groom was seeing another girl because the other woman even posted on her social media account confirming their affair.

Now cancelling the wedding for good, Danica decided to put up her wedding paraphernalia up for grabs on social media because not only was the much-awaited date cut-off, but turns out that the man who was supposed to be with her for the rest of her life was not very much serious about the life of being husband and wife.

Good riddance for Danica, at least she wouldn’t have to waste her career away with a man like that. Meanwhile  A same story was found in Youtube. A story of Long Distance Relationship. A Hugot made by Miss Whisperer. Watch the video below.

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