Gaano Kayaman si Manny Pacquiao ? Bilyonaryo ?


Manny Pacquiao is one of the most famous boxers in history, and undeniably one of the most influential persons alive in our time right now. Known as “The People’s Champ”, Manny has proven himself many times in the field of boxing and has defeated most renowned boxers locally and internationally. Because of boxing, Manny’s life has changed over the years, and indeed brought him many financial opportunities that made him one of the richest public figure right now.

Manny has many facets in life, not only as a boxer. He is also a senator, an army reservist, pastor of their church, basketball player for his team Mahindra, businessman, and a good father for his five children.

But for real, how rich is Manny Pacquiao? How much is this man’s net worth, and what are his assets, properties, and businesses as of the moment?

Manny’s life is an open book, and everyone knows that before his success, his family is submerged in poverty and he has to work many odd jobs at a young age. Boxing changed his life, and his success grew more and more until he reached the peak of his career.

According to Forbes Magazine, Manny Pacquiao has acquired a total of 435 million US dollars over the course of his career in boxing for 10 years, excluding his earnings for his pay-per-view telecast of his boxing tournaments which is an estimated amount of 65 billion pesos.

Manny Pacquiao also ranks 8th place on the highest paid athlete of the decade. He is also the highest celebrity tax payer, paying over 229.7 million pesos in his income tax returns.

On his statement of assets and liabilities, Manny has a total of 3 billion-peso net worth. His properties are also massive, considering that he has 8 mansions in the Philippines and 2 in the United States. He also owns a collection of luxury cars. He also owns a private chopper which costs 80 million pesos, which he uses for his line of work to reach remote areas in his province.

Manny also owns a yacht that costs 25 million pesos, which he gave as a gift to his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao. He is also another one, a luxury yacht being built in the name of his daughter, “Queenie”.

He also has many businesses and properties under his name which he manages along with his family.Truly, Manny Pacquiao’s journey to success is exceptional. Many look up to the celebrity boxer as their inspiration to strive and achieve success through hard work and dedication to pursuit their dreams.

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