Jimmy Santos, Gaano Nga Ba Siya Kagaling sa Basketball ?


Jimmy Santos is one of the most remarkable and iconic comedians in the showbiz industry nowadays. But many forget that before all the laughter and jokes he performed on TV and movies, his career started off different before he ventured out into the world of show business and became a celebrity.

Many may not know that before his career in showbiz, Jimmy used to be a basketball star player in PBA or Philippine Basketball Association. Jimmy “Saints” Santos as he was called in the hardcourt, many may not recall that he used to play for PBA before being a comedian on TV and films simply because he only played for one season and decided to venture out his career in showbiz.

But aside from being a really good actor and comedian, he had undeniable skills in playing the sport and mixing it with some humor in the hardcourt. Many of his teammates and basketball legends in the Philippines often say that if Jimmy focused more on his career in basketball, he could have been better and more famous in it.

He played for the PBA All-Stars basketball championship which he was awarded as the MVP player of his team. After that, he decided to leave his career in basketball and focused on showbiz.

His career in showbiz was one of the most remarkable as well. Jimmy, along with the famous and veteran actors and actresses in the industry, had starred on many TV shows and films starting in the 70s.

Films and TV projects were produced which included Jimmy and probably his most famous lines include “I Love You 2008” and his hit movie “Kotse”.

After that, he was offered an opportunity to be part of the longest running TV variety show, Eat Bulaga, which made him a mainstay host and comedian in the show.

He had performed in drama series as well, especially for Eat Bulaga’s Lenten Season special wherein he portrayed heavy drama roles that are far from his usual comedic accents. Goes to show that Jimmy is also a versatile actor in his own right.

Jimmy would sometimes attend the PBA playoffs especially if his favorite team, Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, would play. And for that, he would often wear the jersey of the legendary basketball player, Robert Jaworski who happens to be a close friend of “Saints” in the industry.

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