Kilalanin Ang NapakaGandang Ina ni Inigo Pascual

Piolo Pascual is one of the most famous actors and celebrities in the Philippines. With no doubt, he is also one of the hottest celebrities and most in-demand actors of his generation. Piolo, or as others call him “Papa P”, is undeniably one of the most handsome in the showbiz industry and many actresses and celebrities alike admit that they have a huge crush on the one and only Piolo Pascual.

Many of his fans were surprised to know that Papa P is actually already a father when he first introduced his only son to the public, Iñigo. But fans are kept wondering, who is this lucky woman that mothered Piolo Pascual’s son.

Meet Donna Lazaro, the mother of Iñigo Pascual. Why she was not very known to the public, simply because Piolo decided to keep his family life private in the United States. That’s why when Piolo decided to introduce Iñigo, now as a grown up, to the world of showbiz, many were shocked to know that the hunk actor is not a bachelor.

Many couldn’t deny the fact that Iñigo really is the son of Papa P because of the resemblance they had with each other. Iñigo was born on September 14, 1997 and grew up with his mother in the United States while Piolo is a main-stay celebrity in the Philippines.

Donnabelle Lazaro, a former girlfriend of the actor, became the mother of Iñigo and took care of him most of his life while growing up.

Unlike Piolo and Iñigo, Donna chose privacy than to be caught up with the world filled with spotlights and cameras.Instead, she became the strongest support system for  Iñigo, who is now one of the rising actors in the industry.

Donna also appeared on one of the episodes of Magandang Buhay alongside with her son. She was interviewed on the show and there, she narrated how she stood up and became a mother for Iñigo Pascual. She also revealed that when her son was still young, he did not have the singing voice that he now has. Now that he is all grown-up, he developed a talent in singing just like his father.

She also stated that both her and Piolo are co-parenting for Iñigo and will always be there to support him throughout his career in the industry.

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