Kuko ni Luis Manzano, Pinansin ng Mga Netizens

Kapamilya actor and host reacts to his viral photos circulating around social media especially to all the memes created out of the photos captured during his wedding with Jessy Mendiola.

While the wedding received many praises about its theme and minimalist kind of setup, eagle-eyed netizens did not miss to make fun out of almost everything especially the photo of Luis that was taken while his bride Jessy walks down the aisle. Netizens got creative in making their own memes and funny captions for the photo, and who would have thought that even the actor’s fingernail would catch their attention?

Luis Manzano decided to react and address the many memes that was born after his wedding day.The actor also took the time to share these hilarious photos and comments on his social media accounts, which the actor also made fun out of the situation.

Apparently, his fingernail did not miss the social media attention for eagle-eyed netizens noticed this dead fingernail of the actor.

While the netizen who took the screen capture did not mean to emphasize on the actor’s fingernail, many other netizens were quick to react and point out this hilarious photo of Luis’ fingernail.

According to the netizen who uploaded the photo, he did not mean to actually look at Luis’ fingernail, instead, he wanted only to get a closer look to the bride’s wedding ring. Although instead of noticing the beauty of this ring, netizens immediately gave more attention to Luis’ fingernail which gave a massive amount of hilarious comments.

Although with no doubt, Jessy had a fine wedding ring which was made by a renowned jeweler, Manila Diamond Studio. And according to sources, it was the same group that made Jessy’s engagement ring which was said to cost millions for its rare pink diamonds embellished on its surface.

Jessy and Luis surprised everyone on their wedding day when their photos were uploaded online last April 4, but apparently, the two got married last February 21, 2021. Many fans and netizens congratulated the newly-weds but apparently, they are not the ones to escape the memes that are subjected especially towards Luis Manzano.

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