Silipin ang Buhay Ngayon ni Patricia Javier

 Former Pinay actress Patricia Javier lets her fans take a look at her beautiful 4-storey house situated in Quezon City. The actress lives there with her American husband Rob Walcher, who formerly lived in the United States in the city of San Diego, California. The couple decided to go back to the Philippines and built their beautiful house in the country in 2014 and settle in for good.

On an interview with Journal in 2018, the husband of the actress revealed that they agreed to fly back and reside in the States if life didn’t turn out good for them here in the Philippines. If nothing good happens within six months of staying the country, he and Patricia agreed that they will return to California. Rob, a chiropractor, decided that they had to live a successful life in the Philippines, or else, they will not settle here.

“I agreed on a condition that we’d return to the US if nothing happened in six months,” Rob stated on the interview.

In 2016, Patricia and Rob gambled their luck in the Philippines by establishing a wellness facility called Doc Rob Chiropractic Wellness, which became their only hope in the country and apparently, turned out to be the start of a new life in the Philippines.

Because of their successful business venture, the couple was able to build a beautiful 4-storey house in Quezon City which consists of 5 bedrooms in total. It also houses an entertainment room and Rob’s “man cave” which is the home of his lego collections and model cars which amounted in a total of 15,000-25,000 pesos. But they did not settle there yet to live in there.

They decided to only live in the house they have built if they would permanently reside in the Philippines already.

Because of the success of Doc Rob Chiropractic Wellness, it became the key for the decision to permanently reside in the Philippines. Now, the wellness facility they have established has now 3 branches in the capital, two in Quezon City and the other in Makati City.

The facility has an upcoming branch that will soon open on Eastwood, Libis.

Patricia was also very thankful that they don’t have to leave her home country anymore. Because of this, she can easily visit her loved ones in the Philippines now that they are permanently residing here.

They also opened a new business venture that caters chiropractic pillows. Patricia also made herself busy taking care not only of their businesses, but also her family : Ryan, who is now 13, and the youngest, Robert, who is 8.

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