Throwback : The Paubaya Story of Regine Velasquez

On a throwback footage of an interview with Regine Velasquez, the Asia’s Songbird talks about her heartbreak and breakup with former lover, a fellow singer Ariel Rivera.

And a twist, Regine personally opens up with her heartbreak to the woman he married, Gelli De Belen. Live on an interview, Regine talks about what she felt about the breakup with Ariel Rivera.

On a face-to-face and heart-to-heart talk with each other, Regine admits her relationship with Ariel despite knowing that Gelli and Ariel are living together. While it was all an interview, there has been a clarification now to what actually happened between the three celebrities.

Apparently, Ariel has caught up himself on a fling with singer Regine, and had a hazy relationship with actress Gelli. Regine and Ariel dated for a time, which eventually resulted into a breakup and put a fissure between the singer and the actress.

The Asia’s Songbird also recalls an event on the airport where she saw Gelli and Ariel, and openly expressed on TV how she felt at that moment. Regine, on her most honest stance, admitted that felt as if the world fell onto her head. She even mentioned that the two looked more like a couple than she and Ariel used to be. In fact, she also admitted that they are more fitting with each other although she was honest that she hoped for reconciliation and comeback for the relationship they had.

Regine also recounted an event where Gelli is really mad towards the singer, simply because for seemingly stealing her man from her. While Regine apologized to Gelli for what happened, she also thanked her for having the opportunity to talk things to her and for being real for what she feels towards one another.

Many fans recalled the interview and uploaded the video in social media which rekindles nostalgic showbiz drama between the celebrities. And with the hit song, “Paubaya” by Moira Dela Torre, many could related the song to Regine, Gelli, and Ariel.

Regine also recalled the closure she and Ariel had when they parted ways, telling her that he decided to break up and end the relationship because he loved Gelli more than anything else.

At the end of the interview, Regine dedicated a song number for the whole showbiz drama by singing “Butterfly”, a song that meant for letting go.

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