17 anyos na Dalaga, Pinasok Ang Iba't Ibang Trabaho Para Maalagaan Ang Amang na Stroke

We often hear the saying that the love of the parents is incomparable and unconditional for their "mga anak". Many parents shower their love and utmost care that they would not let their own "anak" go hungry, making sure that they would have their fill first before themselves.

“Selfless” and “unconditional” love is often offered by parents, and most of the time, it is the most wondrous love one could ever experience their entire life.

Truly it is such an inspiration and a great example for a mother and a father to continuously support their "anak"  to whatever dream or goal they will have in their life, in every minute and in every way they can.

But what happens if the one of the parents could not do their duty and provide for their offspring ?

Clara, a 17-year-old  sparks inspiration to many netizens after reading her story that immediately went viral online.


At her  age, she has done many odd jobs and sidelines to make ends meet for her family after her father was struck with stroke. With her mother leaving them, she has to do what needs to be done supposedly by her parents. Considering her age, she could have been minding only her schooling or her studies but at the age of 17, she has to do the hard labor for her family.

Despite the very difficult situation, Clara remained positive and she has proven her life skills and flexibility in doing many jobs and thinking of many ways to earn extra income. She became an “online seller” and even sold snacks in the afternoon.

On her down time, she focused her attention tending after her sick father and doing household chores by herself.Because of her story, a vlogger named “Virgelyncares” took the opportunity to help the Clara in any way she can.

People who are born with caring parents who can provide them with anything of their heart’s desire, then they are lucky. But parents born with disciplined and caring  "mga anak" are more blessed because not all people  would do the same thing as Clara.

That’s why after hearing or reading about her story, many were inspired and charitable donations were reached out for the father and daughter.

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