5 Senyales na Nagloloko Na Ang Kapartner Mo, Narito Ang Tips From Joey Marquez

To everyone who has been staying in their homes for more than year, so many came up with ideas that would sought some relief from the dullness of everyday and found entertainment in the simplest of ways.

Many actors and actresses also ventured out to YouTube and created contents meant to further entertain their followers and give their fans an update with their lives during the quarantine. Because of this, Wynwyn Marquez also jumped in to vlogging and uploaded a new video on her channel along with her father Joey Marquez.

The beauty queen-actress recently uploaded a video called “Bukingan With Tsong Episode 1” which features Joey Marquez, her father, on a Q&A video. Apparently, the video seeks some tips and tricks from a seasoned lover and comedian in terms of love and infidelity. Wynwyn asked what tips he could give to know if a man is cheating on his woman.

Joey Marquez gave five tips to all the viewers and to his daughter, to identify a cheating man.

First of all, Joey said that the number one sign that a man is cheating on a relationship if it couldn’t answer right away or seem to be playing deaf when asked a question. Second, it might also be a sign if your partner is too sweet, could possibly tell that a man has done something wrong to make up to his guilt.

Third, Joey also stated that one of the most frequent excuses used by a man is to say that his phone battery is empty whenever being called, or perhaps there is no signal on the area. Fourth warning sign is when your partner seem to lose interest in spending time with you or always reasoning out that he is “too busy”.

And the last but not the least, and Joey even said that it is 99.99% proven that your partner is cheating with you is when your partner has sent a wrong message to you.

It is very obvious on the video that Wynwyn and Joey share a strong father-and-daughter relationship with the way they talk and make jokes with each other as if they were only friends. It also goes to show that Joey really is a known comedian with all his crazy antics in Wynwyn’s video.

Wynwyn also mentioned that it is just the first episode of the many more videos to come with his father Joey, and told her viewers to tune in and watch out for more “bukingan” videos with her father.

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