6 Pinoy Aktor Na Nagmamay Ari ng Mga Napakagandang Mga Luxury Cars

 They say there wasn’t a man born without the love for cars and wheels. True as many would say, men really has a penchant for their four-wheeled friend and would invest so much to make it look as good as them. Owning cars for men definitely boosts their sex appeal and confidence around women, and it’s really easy to look more handsome if you can offer your girl a ride.

That’s why we have a list here of famous Filipino actors with cars that look, if not twice, as handsome as them:

1.    Jake Cuenca. This handsome hunk is often spotted on the city downtown sporting his lowered Dodge Challenger R/T which looks more awesome for its silver exterior. Just like his fellow actor, Daniel Padilla, these men have good taste for cars and has been eyeing the Dodge muscle car made popular during the 60’s. Jake Cuenca also own a luxurious Jeep Wrangler.

2 Jericho Rosales. Premiered actor Echo has a love for collecting vintage cars. In his own garage at home, Jericho had them parking two iconic cars, one being a 60’s era Ford Mustang and a E28 BMW 5 series.

3    Coco Martin. The Ang Probinsyano star and multi-awarded actor has an impressive collection of expensive cars. Just like his most recent addition, a Jeep Wrangler which flexes a camouflage exterior paint which is most fitting for the action star.

4 Billy Crawford. Actor-Host Billy definitely loves his Maserati Gran Turismo and was known as a grand tourer that he even customized through Foil-A-Car to make its beastly appeal stand out and preserve the original paint of the car.

5. Enrique Gil. The actor is an avid fan of the movie, Transformers, that’s why he purchased a Chevrolet Camaro as homage to his favorite character “Bumblebee” and even have it painted with yellow and black stripes to match. The said car however was purchased by the actor from the Azkals player Phil Younghusband.


6.    Piolo Pascual. Papa “P” definitely own as car as handsome as him. He owns a Red Hummer H2 and was one of his most favorite cars in his collection. The said car is often sported by his son, Iñigo Pascual, and was seen on one of his singalong videos. 

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