Alagang Pusa Sinurpresa Ang Amo Sa Bitbit Nitong Php1000

 Filipinos are fond of having a furry companion at their homes that seems to always become a part of the family. Cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, and many other pets are kept in houses and have found loving homes among the common Filipino household.

Apart from being a lovely companion, these fur babies are guaranteed to reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness for some especially now during this time.

Pets are also believed to bring good luck or serve as lucky charms in the household and was said to bring money and prosperity in the house.


But who would have thought they could literally bring money into the house? Because this cat in our feature story definitely did things way too literal for its owner, April Jean.

April Jean, a netizen who posted this funny and interesting story in her Facebook account which to her surprise, goes viral on the internet just as how she was surprised with what her cat, Kenzie, brought to her one morning. PHOTOSOURCE: APRIL JEAN FB

Cats are known to bring “presents” to their owners to show their love and affection after a hunt outside their house. These presents could be anything they have found outside: It can be a mouse, a dead bird, or could be leaves or trash that they could offer to their owners as a sign of their affection.

But Kenzie was a different cat as he apparently brought home 1,000 pesos into the house and right in front of his owner, April Jean. PHOTOSOURCE: APRIL JEAN FB


April was so happy at first knowing that her pet cat indeed brought home real money in the house, but also can’t help to worry where her cat supposedly got or found the money as it may belong to someone else.

The story was shared into a Facebook page called “Cats and Kittens Philippines” with a caption, “This morning I was so surprised when I saw my cat carrying something in his mouth and he gave me this. Nasabi ko agad, Hoyyy Kenzi saan mo ninakaw to?”

She immediately checked her wallet and counted her bills inside, but it wasn’t missing anything. Until now, no one has claimed or stepped in to claim the money Kenzie has brought to her. Many netizens were fond of the cat and April was lucky it wasn’t any dead rat or animal that was brought to her.  Truly Kenzie was one lucky cat!

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