Andrea Brillantes Ayaw Maka Collab Ang Vlogger na Ito

 Filipina young actress Andrea Brillantes reveals on her most recent vlog that she did not ever want to collaborate with the notorious YouTube and social media influencer Buknoy Glamurr.

Andrea being one of the young actresses who has gone a long way in their career in the showbiz industry and undeniably one of the most successful actresses in her generation.

At such a young age, Andrea entered the showbiz industry and has since then received many opportunities in acting for TV and movies produced by her home network, ABS-CBN and Star Magic entertainment. Because of this, many have witnessed Andrea grow up onscreen from an innocent young child in Annaliza to her fierce and antagonistic iconic character Marga in their hit TV drama series, Kadenang Ginto. photosource: Youtube/ Andrea Brillantes

The success of Kadenang Ginto also brewed the loveteam of Andrea with the former PBB teen housemate Seth Fedelin who portrayed the role of Mikoy on the TV series.

They later on got their first starring roles in the drama series Huwag Kang Mangamba which truly showcased the chemistry of Andrea and Seth onscreen, along with their fellow actors and actresses in the “Gold Squad” Francine Diaz and Kyle Echarri.

Because her home network was shutdown last year, Andrea became busy with vlogging on her YouTube channel.

On her most recent vlog, Andrea was joined by Seth on a challenge called “Sagot o Lagot” to which they have to answer a set of questions truthfully or if they refuse, they have to drink a shot of various disgusting mixtures and condiments.

Andrea revealed on her vlog that she never wanted to work or collaborate with the infamous social media influencer Buknoy Glamurr.

Buknoy gained internet notoriety after he ridiculed a tricycle driver and his means of living on social media. His hubris and vanity gathered him many haters especially for those who felt bad for the tricycle driver.

Andrea mentioned that she did not like Buknoy’s attitude most especially because her grandfather was a tricycle driver and recalled how she and her classmate would ride his tricycle on the way to their school.

The celebrity admitted that she would never want to work with someone with that kind of bad attitude.

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