Ang Rason kung Bakit Iniwan ni Yassi Pressman Ang Probinsyano

 Photosource: Instagram/ Yassi Pressman. Yassi Pressman opens up to the real reason why she decided to leave the long-running action-drama TV series “Ang Probinsyano”. Many avid viewers of the TV show were puzzled as to why Yassi decided to leave the show despite the immense success of the series. The actress finally speaks out about the real reason behind her exit.

Yassi has revealed that she will be hosting the new game show called “Rolling in It” on TV 5. The game show was adapted to the number one game show in UK and was catering into the Philippine audience now. The actress hopes that the Philippine version would achieve the same success it did for the UK original.

On a press conference held on May 25, Yassi talks about that it was the main reason why she has to exit the “Probinsyano” series. The conflict in schedule does not go well with their lock-in taping of the TV series, that’s why she talked to her manager as well as the producers of the show for her resignation.

The actress also expressed her gratitude for ABS-CBN as well as the Dreamscape productions, and most especially to Coco Martin, her leading man and the main star of the series who happens to be the scriptwriter as well. Coco granted her request and promised a good exit for Yassi’s character, “Alyanna”.

Yassi also stated that she hopes that people will still patronize and watch the TV series despite her not being there anymore as Coco Martin’s leading lady. She also said that she keeps constant communication with her former co-stars in the show, and would often exchange text messages to catch up.

The actress has worked for the series for a straight five years, and mentioned that she was grateful for the years they have worked together. According to her, the bond of the “Probinsyano” stars was simply promising and even described them being a “family”. She also admitted that she misses her co-stars and the staff that made the show very successful through the years.

As of now, Yassi is busy taping for the game show and uploading videos on her YouTube channel with her sister Issa Pressman.

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